Management’s Message

It is obvious that you will be frustrated if you believe that the past will be repeated in the same way while planning the future, or if you just rely on your imagination and ignore the external conditions. I say this word with peace of mind as the founder of two groups that have become the leading position to shape the future within a short period of 12 years.

I consider the experiences I achieved in every step of the journey I started in 2007 with DIA Holding FZCO as an investment not only for work but for life as well. 12 years later, this journey continues as DIA Holding abroad and CCN Group inside the country. In these years, the works undersigned by our strong staff composed of 8,000 people are amazing. Huge projects such as Baku Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center, the greatest work of Zaha Hadid, one of the greatest architects of our time, whom we are proud to work with and Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, Europe’s biggest hospital, are actually the visible part of the iceberg. The effort on the path to reach them, the will to overcome the challenges encountered, the power arising from integrating as members of a family, are also assurances that we will succeed in the future.

Since 2008, we have ranked among the top 200 in the world’s largest construction companies every year. I do not want this situation to overshadow the significance of the investments we make in the future of our country by entering into education sector and the magnitude of the services we provide in the fields of clinic, service, security and technical in hospital management processes. I owe gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of our family, determined to be one step ahead of the era and who acts with desire to add beauty to the world.

Murat Çeçen