Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board

Murat ÇEÇEN (born 1971, Ankara) studied Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. Çeçen currently serves as the Chairman of CCN Group, which builds and operates some of the largest ever healthcare campuses in Turkey’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry rising to international standards, as well as group companies CCN Ankara Healthcare, CCN Mersin Healthcare, and Dia Infrastructure Investments and Construction.

Çeçen also serves on the Board of IC Holding, a leading group operating in several industries, including construction, airport and marina operations, and tourism.

Mehmet Ali BAYAR

Board Member

Mehmet Ali BAYAR (born 1962, Istanbul) studied Economics at New York University where he went on to earn his master’s degree. He worked very closely with Süleyman Demirel during his terms as prime minister and president, and served as a foreign policy advisor. He left civil service when he was the Undersecretary at the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C., and entered politics. He previously served as the chairman of the Democrat Turkey Party.


Board Member

Murad BAYAR (born 1965, Sivas) graduated from the Electrical Electronic Engineering Department at Middle East Technical University. He then earned his master’s degree on Computer and Electronic Engineering at the North Carolina State University, and an MBA degree at Yale University. After working at the New York office of the strategic consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton, Murad Bayar served as Defense Industry Undersecretary.